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07/09/2020 17:59:00
Although this took place in West Cumbria, the same thing could take place in any...
04/09/2020 21:36:00
Local Focus Hub meetings offers you an opportunity to have a say about issu...
18/08/2020 15:49:00
The Neighbourhood Watch Impact Survey was launched on 30th July&n...
03/08/2020 17:32:00
Local Focus Hub meetings offers you an opportunity to have a say about issu...

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Welcome to Business watch

Welcome to the business watch site. If you own or work at any business in Cumbria, please register your details here.  If you are a member of hotel watch, camp watch, chemist watch, jewellery watch or other business type watches please register here as well.  Our aim is to provide information relevant to your business in terms of helping defend you against potentially damaging criminal activity and provide up to date notification of legislative and other changes which could affect your profitability. Initially we are providing here links to business helpful sites but over time we hope to populate the site with information specific to our various business watches and activities.

Register your business with Cumbria Bsuiness Watch here

Once registered here, you can choose the information you want to receive in terms of who it's from, the priority of message that you are prepared to receive and your preferred means of receiving it.

Registration is quick, simple and completely free. There are no contracts, costs or obligations of any kind.

By registering on this system which is a member of the Cumbria Community Messaging initiative, you are simply agreeing to receive information.  In some areas you will also be able to report information regarding potential crime and anti-social behaviour or other incidents you think are relevant and provide helpful feedback to the agencies supplying information. Contact email and address details will be confirmed before you are formally registered.

if you should change your mind about your registration, you can unsubscribe at any time.

It is also important for you to know that your personal details will be securely held under the provisions of the Data Protection Act and only the people you want to see them can see them. They will never be shared with commercial organisations.

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