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Review local crime information

Register your business on the system today, it is quick and free and will enable us to provide you with up to date, local crime reports*.  This information does not contain house numbers and only includes Burglary, Criminal Damage and Theft related crimes, additional beat related crime information is available on the Cumbria Police website.  However, these reports can be tailored to a geographical area that is relevant to you and your business, it is not just based on Police Beat areas.

Examples of the two main charts available


Example crime stats graph 

Cime stats report: Pie chart

Detailed information reports.

The following is an example of a more detailed information report available to members of an approved Business Watch.  Either join and existing Business Watch in your area or start your own, once this has been approved, detailed information regarding the methods used during recent crimes will be available to you.  

Each incident is linked to our information reporting system so if you have any information relating to any of these incidents, please contact us or complete the information report.

Example of a detailed crime report

Cumbria Police
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